The SA Healthcare grantees participated in their March industry group call. The healthcare apprenticeship intermediary, H-CAP (Healthcare Career Advancement Program) joined this month’s discussion to inform grantees of the implementation support available to them. 

In partnership with the SA TA team, H-CAP can engage with healthcare apprenticeship grantees to: 

  • Provide available programmatic, local, and/or state level best practices. 
  • Help grantees connect with resources around building apprenticeships for non-English speakers and immigrant populations. 
  • Assist grantees in locating apprenticeships available in the behavioral health field.  
  • Develop outreach strategies to engage major health clinics to nationally scale apprenticeships. 


After the conversation with the H-CAP representative, grantees discussed implementation challenges and brainstormed strategic solutions. They shared: 

  • Employer and participant involvement successes including:    
    • Increased participant engagement. 
    • Growing employer interest in grantee apprenticeship programs.
  • Employer engagement implementation challenges such as: 
    • Figuring out how to work within the grant requirements to recruit and retain participants and employers.
    • Trying to convince reluctant healthcare facilities to accept more CNAs. 
  • Employer engagement resources and guidance that has helped improve grantee employer engagement.