The SA Healthcare Affinity Group gathered for their monthly meeting to discuss their recent successes and challenges.Grantees shared strategies around performance data, mentorship, supporting coursework and certification completion.

Performance data

  • Grantees worked together to develop areas of improvement for performance data collection and shared strategies for efficient data management,including developing state level data sharing agreements to streamline data collection.


  • Grantees shared mentorship strategies helpful in cultivating the mentorship component of their apprenticeship programs including:

  • Developing curriculum and materials, especially for smaller employer partners

  • Utilizing existing mentorship training program materials like those from HCAP available here

New Occupations

  • Some grantees have expressed interest in establishing new industry recognized apprenticeships in different professions, namely programs for respiratory therapists.

  • Grantees have found that seeking out high level administrative support has been invaluable in advancing this goal

  • Granteesshould continue communicating with their fellow grantees and coach to brainstorm how to best leverage their collective interest in expanding into new professions successfully.