During this month’s call, the IT & Cybersecurity Industry Affinity Group shared new implementation approaches and brainstormed how to address common challenges.

Promising New Efforts

Grantee have found the below efforts to yield some initial results:

  • Utilizing a “kickstart” program that offers a limited number of employers up to $5,000 to cover RTI as an immediate incentive to take on new apprentices.
    • After the employer signs on and brings on an apprentice, the grantee provides the funding for their RTI.
    • Apprentices then enter a 16-week bootcamp to develop core competencies and earn industry certifications.
    • The marketing for this initiative began a week and a half ago, and the grantee already has promising leads with 41 companies.
  • Partner with an intermediary consultant training organization.
    • Intermediaries can connect grantees with employers seeking specialized talent (especially in customer relationship management technology) that apprentices can fill.
  • Deepen relationships with employers by offering trainings and upskilling to incumbent workers.

Closing Thoughts

  • Our TA coaches encourage grantees to continue to share insights and successes with each other. Similarly, state and local workforce boards can be incredibly valuable resources and partners.