The SA Healthcare Affinity Group came together for their monthly meeting to discuss their recent successes and challenges. Grantees shared strategies around working with partners and collaborators to identify potential employers and the best practices for approaching potential employers and enrolling apprentices.

Working with Partners and Collaborators to Identify Potential Employers

  • Grantees shared the extent to which they worked with internal collaborators within their higher education institution in order to identify employers including:
    • Partnering with the community college system
    • Partnering with the county workforce development board
    • Fostering a tight-knit relationship with affiliated academic programs and local hospital council

Best Practices for Approaching Potential Employers

  • Grantees shared selling points when approaching potential employers.Things to highlight include:
    • Clear cost savings in training and salary.
    • Employer involvement in the hiring process.
    • Inclusion of free training to apprentices.
    • Attractiveness of apprenticeship program to potential employees.

New Apprentices Onboarding

  • Grantees shared strategies to reach out to potential apprentices at entry points in their education. These strategies include:
    • Putting together a group or an individual whose task it is to inform students of apprenticeship opportunities as they enroll.
    • Ensuring continuing education and workforce development representatives are housed in the student affairs department.
    • Working with vendors and local VA hospitals to recruit veterans as potential apprentices.