Recently, the SA Healthcare grantees discussed noncredit courses and the challenges and opportunities found with these offerings. Grantees shared ways in which they’ve attempted to overcome funding and prior learning policy challenges. 

Noncredit Funding Challenges and Solutions

Grantees shared funding challenges associated with noncredit courses due to limited available financial aid funds and the steps they’ve taken to solve this including:

  • Having large employers pay for the noncredit programs—working to get funding from smaller employer partners as well
  • Ensuring a sustainable funding model
  • Sharing expectations with employers early in the process

Prior Learning Assessment Policies

Grantees shared how Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) policies work within their community college and how they have integrated these with credit offerings. Grantee participants discussed:

  • Two credit pathways for prior learning:
    1. Crosswalk Pathway: Apprenticeship program team comparing student learning goals and comparing to them to the credited program curriculum to confirm overlap and student fulfillment of program essentials.
    2. Portfolio Pathway: This entails student completing an assessment and the supervisor signing off on students meeting necessary competencies.
  • The flexibility of noncredit programs and how they impact employer-driven trainings
  • Working with the IT department to ensure that noncredit students have similar access to online resources as credit students