During their monthly call, the SA IT & Cybersecurity Affinity Group discussed strategies and lessons learned pertaining to recruiting and retaining untapped talent pools.

Addressing Immediate Needs

In our recent workshop on vulnerable populations, we discussed how stress can be a serious barrier to core skills such as organization and decision-making. Several grantees shared how they had seen this firsthand. Grantees found the following things vital to recruiting and retaining untapped populations:

  • Partnering with community-based organizations dedicated to addressing the immediate needs of at-risk individuals
  • Engaging other WIOA programs and community-based organizations to develop wrap around service networks that can provide child care services, transportation, food, and housing.  

Addressing barriers to training and employment is essential in supporting apprentices and setting them up for success.



Grantees also discussed the challenges and successes they have faced in working with veterans. Many grantees want to build inroads with the DOD (Department of Defense) as an employer, but breaking through has been difficult.  Some grantees found success by:

  • Leveraging their personal and professional networks to connect with veterans currently working in the DOD. 
  • Continuing to form relationships with veteran employing agencies and organizations even after an initial “no”.  Continue the conversation by asking the employer if they know of anyone in their network who might be interested in the apprenticeship opportunities offered by the Scaling Apprenticeship Program.