Share your experiences in our monthly advanced manufacturing industry calls
To support a sector-based approach to expanding apprenticeship programs in advanced manufacturing on a national scale, the U.S. Department of Labor awarded H-1B Scaling Apprenticeship (SA) grants to 9 consortia of colleges. These consortia are led by:
1. Alabama Community College System (AL)
2. Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (CT)
3. County College of Morris (NJ)
4. Lorain County Community College (OH)
5. Pennsylvania College of Technology (PA)
6. Pima County Community College District (AZ)
7. The Research Foundation for the State University of New York (NY)
8. St. Louis Community College (MO)
9. West Los Angeles College (CA)

The SA TA team will host monthly industry sector discussion sessions with the advanced manufacturing grantees. These discussions provide an opportunity for grantees to share tips and to present their accomplishments and challenges.

In our first monthly call, SA advanced manufacturing grantees discussed several key strategies and ways they are tackling the critical workforce shortage in this industry. They discussed:
• How they are working on participant recruitment in a hot job market when employers are in desperate need of skilled workers.
• Different apprenticeship models grantees are currently implementing (traditional, front-loaded, and segmented).
• Resources grantees are using, such as employer-partner MOUs.
• Strategies used to improve program outcomes, including one college using an apprenticeship coach to serve as a support mechanism assisting both employer and participant.
• Strategies to integrate small businesses into apprenticeship programs, such as the use of business consortia to pool resources and participate in apprenticeship programs.
• Strategies for business engagement and marketing of apprenticeship programs, such as strategic partnerships with business associations.

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Please let us know if you have specific advanced manufacturing or grant management topics you would like to discuss.

Upcoming dates for the Advanced Manufacturing Peer Discussions appear below – be on the lookout for your invitation from the H-1B Scaling Apprenticeship mailbox.
• Tuesday, March 24 at 2 pm EST
• Tuesday, April 28 at 2 pm EST
• Tuesday, May 26 at 2 pm EST
• Tuesday, June 23 at 2 pm EST

We look forward to seeing you there!