This page curates policy documents that are the foundation of Scaling Apprenticeship grant activities. It includes the Funding Opportunity Announcement, its amendments, and policy clarifications distributed by DOL-ETA. It also provides project descriptions and grantee abstracts describing the scope of the activities of 23 Scaling Apprenticeship grantees. This page will be updated as DOL issues new policy guidance. Click on the related content to find these resources.

Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA)
This is the announcement for the Scaling Apprenticeships Through Sector-Based Strategies – FOA-ETA 18-08.

FOA ETA 18-08 (Amendment 1)

This is the first amendment to the FOA-ETA-18-08. The amendment, published on August 22, 2018, modifies language from Section III.A.1, Section, IV.B.4, and Appendix G, and provides information on when the frequently asked questions will be available.

FOA ETA 18-08 (Amendment 2)

This is the second amendment to the FOA-ETA-18-08. The amendment, published on September 11, 2018, modifies language from Section I.E.1b, pertaining to the training standards for the educational and instructional component of apprenticeship programs.

Scaling Apprenticeship FAQs – Revised June 2020
This document provides key policy clarifications on frequently asked questions for Scaling Apprenticeship Through Sector-Based Strategies grantees. Clarifications related to apprenticeships and match have been added. 

Scaling Apprenticeship Grantee Abstracts
DOL awarded 23 SA grants to colleges and consortia of colleges across the country. You will find here a list of all SA awardees, and their submitted grant abstracts included in their statements of work, which have not been updated for any subsequent modification.

Scaling Apprenticeship Grantee Descriptions

This document contains descriptions of SA grants. These descriptions were developed by DOL based on grantee statements of work, and have not been updated for subsequent modifications.

Co-enrollment Across Apprenticeship Grants, Contract, and Cooperative Agreements (Webcast)

This webcast provides an overview of the department's co-enrollment policy for two key areas of apprenticeship funding: the H-1B-funded apprenticeship grants; and, grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements that are-funded with apprenticeship appropriated funds. It helps apprenticeship grantees, contracts, and cooperative agreements understand the purpose of co-enrollment, why you should co-enroll, when it's appropriate, and how to do so.