DOL has developed a rich repository of resources to promote high-performing registered apprenticeships across a variety of industries. Here you will find key resources focused on understanding the components of apprenticeship and the elements of creating and operating an effective apprenticeship program. Click on related content to find these resources

Introduction to Apprenticeship: A five-part toolkit
This toolkit provides a five-part training series on the key aspects of creating apprenticeship programs. Course 1 provides an introduction to registered apprenticeships, followed by Course 2: Building an Apprenticeship Program. Course 3 dives deeper into apprenticeship models. Course 4 presents strategies to build partnerships for apprenticeship programs. The final course presents the registration process for registered apprenticeship programs as well as ways to fund these programs.

Building Registered Apprenticeship Programs: A quick-start toolkit
This short document reviews the five key steps to building registered apprenticeship programs.

Registered Apprenticeship 101
This five-part webinar series expands on the basics to explore:
(1) The value of apprenticeships
(2) The existing apprenticeship infrastructures at the state and national levels
(3) Apprenticeship partners and their roles
(4) Apprenticeship standards, designs, and occupational frameworks
(5) The series concludes with key resources on Registered Apprenticeships.

Five Elements of Apprenticeship Expansion

Over the past few years, DOL-ETA has invested in building state apprenticeship infrastructure. This webinar combined lessons learned from state expansion to identify five key elements associated with effective apprenticeship expansion: (1) State leadership and policy; (2) outreach and business engagement; (3) capacity to launch, develop and manage programs; (4) development of an apprenticeship pipeline and steps to increase diversity, and (5) alignment with career pathways and postsecondary education.

Registering Apprenticeship Programs: The Basics, Challenges, and Solutions
This webinar covers the basics of program design for registered apprenticeships, including the registration process and program administration. It also discusses apprenticeability and apprenticeship program registration.

Apprenticeship On-the-job learning FAQ Sheet
This FAQ is intended to help federal staff and American Apprenticeship Initiative (AAI) and State Apprenticeship Expansion (SAE) grantees achieve a common understanding of apprenticeship on-the-job learning requirements and best practices. The document provides sample forms and templates as well.