Developing relationships with employers is key to operating a successful apprenticeship program. This resource page presents DOL resources for facilitating outreach to employers and engaging them with apprenticeship programs. Click on related content to find these resources.

Solutions for Industry Fact Sheet
This marketing fact sheet summarizes how registered apprenticeships can help businesses.

Top 5 Facts You Should Know About Apprenticeship
This short video summarizes key figures about apprenticeship in the United States. These numbers can help you craft your pitch.

Apprenticeship Business Engagement Tools

  • Strategies in Action
    This brief offers three scenarios with practical and real-world examples of the ways business engagement professionals work through challenges to successfully promote apprenticeship as a solutions-based business engagement strategy.
  • Talking to businesses
    This document provides quick tips on how to talk the language of the employer while helping to connect their hiring and promotion practices to apprenticeship.
  • Business Engagement Quick Guide
    This resource guide introduces the three key phases of successfully doing business engagement – researching business targets and preparing to engage, building relationships, and getting employers to commit to apprenticeship.

Apprenticeship Promising Practices: Expanding Business Engagement
In 2016, DOL provided State Apprenticeship Expansion (SAE) grants to 36 states and 1 territory to grow apprenticeship. Grantees are using funds in three critical ways:

  • To deepen business engagement
  • To build and diversify the pipeline of apprentices
  • To integrate apprenticeship into states’ broader workforce development, economic development, and educational systems.

This resource page showcases innovative strategies to expand business engagement in Idaho, Michigan, and Wisconsin, with case studies for each state and a short video with their stories.

Industry Engagement Workshop #3: Upping your Game
This webinar provides guidance on how to examine current industry engagement efforts, how to coordinate and streamline engagement efforts, and how to expand the reach of engagement with employers.

Effective Employer Engagement Strategies Showcase
TAACCCT grantees selected for this showcase represent different employer engagement strategies across different industry sectors and can be useful examples for others to adopt and adapt for their own projects. Many of these projects created “toolkits” containing templates, planning tools, and guidelines for supporting employer engagement.

The Employer Perspectives Study
The Employer Perspectives Study describes strong employer-community college partnerships. It draws insights from employers identified by colleges as partners that have contributed to their programs.