High-performing apprenticeship programs must develop a steady pipeline of talent. The Department of labor provides a number of resources to aid programs in the recruitment process. Below you will find a selection of materials to assist you with marketing apprenticeship programs and expanding and diversifying the inflow of apprentices. They also include information about and examples of other DOL grantees serving underrepresented groups.


Outreach to Apprentices
This WorkforceGPS resource page provides a compilation of outreach and marketing materials that outline the benefits of being an apprentice and information to support and motivate the participation of potential apprentices.

Apprenticeship Promising Practices: Growing and Diversifying the Pipeline of Apprentices

The promising practices highlighted here include strategies for engaging employers, diversifying the pipeline, and systematically infusing apprenticeships in the larger workforce development system. This page contains links to case studies from Alaska, Iowa, and Ohio describing their strategies for building and diversifying the pipeline of apprentices, especially among under-represented populations

Expanding Apprenticeship to Underrepresented Populations
You will find here a compilation of resource links to several websites containing tools, program examples, outreach materials, and other resources for veterans, ex-offenders, minorities, individuals with disabilities, and women.

Veterans in Apprenticeship
Managed by the Employment and Training Administration (ETA), this website provides veterans with information about pursuing an apprenticeship. Veterans can find fact sheets for veterans and employers, GI Bill-Qualified programs, and information on how to find and apply for apprenticeships.