The quarterly Scaling Apprenticeship (SA) emerging practices report presents grantee practices, identified via review of grantee quarterly narrative reports (QNR) and of qualitative data collected from coach-grantee calls and peer discussions. The scope of each report will be defined based on grantee experiences and needs.  Reports will be posted at regular intervals.  We encourage all SA grantees to use these as resources when addressing their own grant implementation needs.

This report highlights emerging grantee practices organized into broad group categories:

  1. Emerging Practices Report (Nov 2019-Feb 2020): Emerging practices in employer engagement and support; program design; cultivating candidate and apprentice diversity; and grant management and operations.
  2. Emerging Practices Report (April-June 2020): Emerging practices in program design; student engagement; employer recruitment; employer engagement and grant management and operations.
  3. Emerging Practices Report (July-September 2020):  Emerging practices in employer recruitment, grant management, program design, and student engagement and support.
  4. Emerging Practices Report (October-December 2020):  Emerging practices in program design, employer engagement, student support, and grant operation.
  5. Emerging Practices Report (January-March 2021):  Emerging practices in employer recruitment, program design, student engagement and grant operation.