Keep the learning going!  Find below plenary presentation and breakout session slide decks from Day 2 of the 2020 H1-B Apprenticeship Virtual Grantee Convening (recording to be posted soon).

Plenary:  Why Apprenticeship? Employer Partners and Apprenticeship Programs

Employer partners are essential components of successful apprenticeship programs. For this opening plenary three employers will share their perspectives on apprenticeships. The featured speakers will explain why they chose to utilize apprenticeships, discuss the Return on Investment (ROI) to their business, and describe how they successfully launched apprenticeships.

Session 7: Sustainability Starts Now

Hear from grantees about their efforts to build a foundation for program continuity after the end of the grant period of performance. Participants attending this session will gain access to a sustainability action plan, tools, and templates.

Session 8: Use and Impact of Virtual Learning

In current times, virtual learning has become an essential component of delivering effective apprenticeship programs. Session attendees will learn how their peers have adapted work-based learning experiences for virtual environments and how the shift has affected programs, including participant and employer engagement.

Session 9:  Messaging and ROI to Market Apprenticeship to New Employers

Join grantees to discuss how to effectively market apprenticeship programs to employers, including how the Return on Investment (ROI) of apprenticeship programs is measured and incorporated into effective employer outreach strategies.

Session 10: Data-Driven Decision Making

Apprenticeship programs have more data at their disposal than ever before, but how can you leverage those measurements to manage grants and improve performance? This session will feature grantees' use of program self-monitoring practices to serve their apprentices and course-correct as needed.

Session 11: Supportive Services

In apprenticeship programs, participant success often depends on a program's ability to provide support services, such as internet access, remote learning equipment, transportation, and childcare. In the current climate, new support needs have emerged. Learn from your peers about the tools and strategies they have used to support apprentice success, including online strategies.

Session 12:  Effectively Mentoring Apprentices

Mentors are central to apprenticeship success, both for employers and apprentices. This session will highlight two grantees’ development of effective employer mentors for the apprentices they place, including their process for establishing and conducting mentorships.