Employer engagement is essential to grant implementation and sustainability. This reservoir of resources is designed to support grantee employer engagement efforts. Each FAQ has links to resources that provide detail on how to accomplish strategies.

Employer Engagement FAQs

1. How do I know what I need to do to create robust employer engagement?

Before attempting to create a path to greater employer engagement, it is essential to understand the status of your current activities as compared to the ideal employer engagement strategy. To reach this understanding, you must conduct a needs assessment that examines what you are doing today and that identifies activities to add to your effort.  Check out Creating Robust Employer Engagement below.

2. After I have identified the gaps in my employer engagement process, what do I do next?

Develop a plan to implement the changes you determined were important when you conducted your needs assessment. This will be your strategy development phase. In this phase create a structure for using the data and information from the needs assessment to develop an implementation plan for improving employer engagement. Find more information in Addressing Gaps in Your Employer Engagement.

3. After I know how I will move forward, how do I find the employers that are appropriate partners?

To identify potential employer partners, you will explore a wide range of desired employer partners and contacts that have the potential to link you to the employers. Because collaborating employers may join and leave the project in accordance with their internal operations capacity, you will need a plan for replacing and adding new employers. Below check out Finding Employer Partners.

4The employers I am reaching out to are not responding as I had hoped. What can I do?

Once your team has identified potential employer partners, how you approach them is a critical element that will ultimately determine your success. Employers have specific needs and expectations, and you must communicate to them that you can meet both.  Find strategies and answers in Getting Employers to Respond.

5. My project was moving on time/on track until the Covid-19 Pandemic struck. Now, the uncertainty of the economy and health and safety issues are hampering its progress. What can I do?

Economic shifts and related employment opportunities are in a state of flux. Education delivery systems are rapidly transitioning to meet health and safety requirements. You may need strategies for managing pandemic-generated change. Below you will find answers in Covid-19 Pandemic Resources


This resource is presented by the Manhattan Strategy Group (MSG). The purpose of this document is to provide a reservoir of resources to assist grantees in their employer engagement activities. The resources offered here are not endorsed by the US Department of Labor and the resources do not represent an official stance of the agency.